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Our Story

How we started

Gas Money originally started as a lawn care business between two best friends in high school, Robert and Austin.


After over three years of growth, dedication, and passion, Gas Money is now available as a mobile app connecting homeowners with local student workers. 

Our mission

To provide young adults with the opportunity to become their own boss and develop real-world skills in leadership, communication, and accountability.

From Idea to App

The Initial Problem

When our founders first connected in high school, they shared a problem that is experienced by millions of students. They needed a way to earn money while also having time for their busy schedules of school and sports.

Rather than taking on a part-time job, they decided to start a lawn care business. Since they needed extra gas money, they decided to call their side hustle Gas Money. 

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Student-led Business Model

After getting their very first clients in Davison, MI through door-knocking and Facebook promos, Robert and Austin started getting a strong influx of job requests from local homeowners.

They decided to start hiring their friends to work with them as contractors, which provided flexibility of scheduling and an enjoyable work experience. More importantly, they found that many clients enjoyed seeing the younger generation work.

Finding a Way to Scale

One day, the duo got the idea to scale Gas Money beyond Davison, MI, so students in other counties could also experience the benefits of working as their own boss.

After much brainstorming, they decided that a mobile app would be the best method of scaling their business model. With no experience in the tech space, they started reaching out to mentors and development companies to bring their vision to life.

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The Gas Money App

After many late nights, conversations, and obstacles, the Gas Money App was born. In its initial version, this platform enabled homeowners to find and hire local students for home- and yard-based services.

Today, the Gas Money App has made it even easier for homeowners to find help and students to find work, with in-app messaging, invoicing, and collaboration between workers.

As we continue growing our vision, we have established large goals for the future of the Gas Money brand.

Meet our Team

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